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Target - MOD Surround

Target - MOD Surround

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The MOD surround is made from an active reflex polymer material that sits perfectly around your dartboard without any need for mounts or fixings.  Featuring MOD branding, this dartboard surround has been designed specifically to sit within Target’s MOD system. It will also fit on all professional level dartboards. Code: 460001

MOD allows you to create the oche setup that you need, for your space. It is time to build it your way.

The surround was engineered with a tapered edge to offer additional support and protection to your board whilst maintaining a compact fit. You do not have to remove the surround when rotating the board on the MOD System. The tapering allows you to place your hands behind it and raise the board for easy access rotation.  Dartboard not included.

What's In The Box

1 x MOD Black Surround

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