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Datadart - Phantom 90% Tungsten

Datadart - Phantom 90% Tungsten

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Upgrade your game with the sleek and powerful Datadart Phantom darts. With a matt black titanium coating covering 90% tungsten, these darts are not only visually striking but also provide exceptional balance and control. The blue highlighted rings add a touch of style to your throw. The tapered nose and slight scallop at the rear are designed for maximum precision, ensuring that your darts land closer together and your fingers are always in the perfect position. Don't settle for mediocre darts, elevate your game with the Datadart Phantom darts. Order yours today!

What’s in the box?

 3 x 90% Tungsten Phantom barrels 

3 x  Datadart Signature stems 

3 x Hex flights

Available Weights

24g Length 50.4mm Width 7.3mm (at the widest point)

26g Length 50.4mm Width 7.6mm (at the widest point)

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