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Winmau - Firestorm 90% Tungsten

Winmau - Firestorm 90% Tungsten

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Introducing the most explosive looking darts on the market - our newest offering boasts a radical, visually striking design that is sure to turn heads. But these darts are not just all looks, they are also designed with the latest mill-grip technology the entire length of the dart, providing unrivaled performance that will help you dominate the competition.

Each set includes 3 x 90% Tungsten Barrels, 3 x Black Vecta Short Shafts, 3 x Prism Alpha Standard Extra Thick Flights, and a Classic Winmau Point Protector, making it a complete package for the dart enthusiast.

Upgrade your game and make a statement with these one-of-a-kind darts. Order now and experience the difference in your throws. Don't miss out on the chance to own the world's most explosive looking darts with performance to match!

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