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Red Dragon

Red Dragon - Gerwyn Price Blue Originals 90% Tungsten

Red Dragon - Gerwyn Price Blue Originals 90% Tungsten

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Introducing the Gerwyn Price Blue Originals, the ultimate weapon in the arsenal of the world-renowned darts player, The Iceman. These 90% tungsten alloy darts have been the stalwart in Gerwyn's professional career, guiding him to multiple PDC Major titles and to the pinnacle of the darts world - PDC World Champion and World no.1 in 2021.

The darts feature three 90% tungsten alloy barrels, nitrotech polycarbonate medium shafts, and hardcore extra thick standard flights, providing the perfect balance of weight, durability, and aerodynamics for maximum performance. The Blue Originals are the ideal choice for any player looking to elevate their game and compete at the highest level.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own the same darts that have propelled The Iceman to the top of the darts world. Order your Gerwyn Price Blue Originals today and start your journey to the top!

Weight 26g

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