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Red Dragon

Red Dragon - Peter Wright Double W/C SE Gold Plus

Red Dragon - Peter Wright Double W/C SE Gold Plus

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 “These darts handle superbly under all conditions, but winning a second world title with them is unbelievably special and they will always have a home in my darts wallet." - Pro Darter Peter Wright

Are you ready to elevate your dart game to new heights? Introducing the SE Gold Plus DWC 11, the latest creation from pro-darter Peter Wright. These darts were designed with the most discerning player in mind, featuring a slightly softer feel than the Euro 11 Elements.

Constructed with the longest and thinnest design we've ever made for Peter, these darts are finished with a diamond fusion coating and titanium nitride gold effect coating for maximum durability and style.

These darts are made for serious players who group their darts well, and will show signs of wear as the hardest materials collide, but these are worthy battle scars! With a length of 2 inches, a diameter of 5.1mm, and fitted with Special Edition Snakebite Nitro Tech shafts, these darts handle superbly under all conditions. 

Order now so you don't miss out on the opportunity to take your game to the next level and try SE Gold Plus DWC 11 today!

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