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Shot Darts

Shot Warrior Kapene 90% Tungsten

Shot Warrior Kapene 90% Tungsten

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Step into the future with the Warrior Kapene, a tribute to our past and a guide to the next 50 years. Battle-forged from the finest 90% Tungsten, this dart is designed to give you a competitive edge on the board. The center-weighted, straight shape and generous shark grip along the barrel provide two positive throw areas for a strong push and sure reference point.

Honoring the warrior within, the Kapene is adorned with a tribal tattoo sleeve designed by Tauranga carver Whare Thompson, echoed in its flight and laser-etched into the superfine titanium coating. The entire barrel features grip for positive finger placement, from the smooth ring grip nose to the telescopic-like wide shark grip and extensive rear scallop. The decorative Cinder Grip adds extra traction for a controlled throw.

Join our global tribe and be a leader with the Warrior Kapene. The perfect weapon for a fierce competition, this dart set is ready to steer you into the next 50 years. Order now and experience the power and spirit of the Warrior Kapene.

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