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Winmau - SightRight 2

Winmau - SightRight 2

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SightRight works in 4 easy steps to give Perfect Dart Vision so you can position yourself exactly on the oche time and time again. The patented design guarantees perfect sighting and, through letting dart players actually see if they are off line, SightRight prevents sighting across the line aim (like 99% of TV dart professionals). 

Many dart players unknowingly set themselves up at the number 5 when aiming for treble 20.  Each player’s sighting position will be different. However, once you’re SightRight’d, your technique and biomechanics will develop a symmetrical throw with no side bias on the dartboard i.e. Double 16 and Double 10 will feel the same. 

SightRight straightens up the path of your darts into the dartboard dramatically reducing blocked doubles and trebles. So if you're ready to take your game to the next level, this is a must have tool for you and you should definitely place your order right now so you can get started right away!

Mervyn King said: “I played professional darts for over 20 years off line. SightRight is amazing, it allows me to stand in exactly the right position every time I practice and I use it everyday”.

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