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Target - 975 SP 97.5% Tungsten

Target - 975 SP 97.5% Tungsten

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Step up your game with the innovative and high-performance 975 darts from Target. Inspired by the Fourth Edition Elysian, these darts continue to push the boundaries of dart design and performance, providing you with the ultimate playing experience.

Named after its impressive 97.5% tungsten density - the highest in the Target range - the 975 darts are designed to provide maximum control and accuracy with each throw. The intricately milled hexagonal grip is inspired by the Elysian, providing an excellent grip and comfortable hold.

Not only do these darts look great, but they are also incredibly versatile and functional. The 975 darts feature the Swiss Point interchangeable point system, allowing you to switch point length, style, and color in seconds with just the pocket-sized Swiss Point tool.

Don't settle for less. Take your game to the next level with the 975 darts from Target. Order yours now and experience the best in dart design and performance.

What's in the Box?

  • 3 x 975 Barrels (Steel Tip)
  • 3 x Carbon Ti Shafts
  • 9 x 975 Flights
  • 1 x 975 Takoma
  • 1 x Swiss Key
  • 1 x  975 Pin Badge
  • 6 x Black Swiss Points
  • 9 x Flight Protectors
  • 1 x 975 Booklet

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