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Target - Nastri SP 90% Tungsten

Target - Nastri SP 90% Tungsten

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Unleash your full potential with the Nastri 90% Tungsten dart! This high-performance dart is designed to meet the demands of even the most demanding players.

With Swiss point technology and a 100% milled barrel, the Nastri offers a level of precision that is unmatched by other darts. The addition of the silver PVD performance coating and sandblasting further refines the barrel, providing the optimum performance for all players.

The unique ribbon-like milling path extends across the entire surface of the barrel, allowing for a consistent grip no matter where you hold the dart. This makes the Nastri the perfect choice for players of all skill levels.

Don't settle for less. Upgrade to the Nastri 90% Tungsten Dart today. Click to place your order today and start dominating the competition!

What's in the box?

3 x Nastri Dart Barrels

3 x Clear Pro Grip Shafts

3 x Nastri No.6 Flights

3 x 26mm Silver Swiss Nano Points (steel tip only)

1 x Swiss Point Tool (steel tip only)

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