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Target - Power 9Five G7 SP 95% Tungsten

Target - Power 9Five G7 SP 95% Tungsten

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Transform your game with the Generation 7 Darts, featuring Swiss Point technology for unmatched versatility. These 24g or 26g 95% Tungsten darts boast a silver titanium nitride coating and hand sandblasted rear, with CNC milling on the barrel nose for a stunning finish. The patented Swiss Point system allows you to switch points length, style, and color in seconds with the pocket-sized tool, ensuring your points won't come loose during play. Don't settle for less, upgrade to the Generation 7 Darts with Swiss Point technology now!

What's in the Box?

3 x Power 9Five 7 Barrels

3 x Diamond Pro SP Points

3 x Power Ti G7 Shafts

3 x POWER 9FIVE G7 Flights

1 x SP Tool

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